To Pacific School Parents

​Dear Pacific School Parents, 

You are part of something special. The students at Pacific School thrive in a setting with small class sizes and a student-to-instructor ratio rarely seen in public schools in California. They thrive on a food and garden program that is seen as a model across the country – and one that feeds their bodies, minds, and hearts. They thrive with the proven benefits of instruction in music, theater, and art.

We know you value Pacific School’s educational experience because of these programs — programs that are not fully funded by the school. Parents like you, alumni, and the local community make up the difference between state funding and the actual cost of a Pacific School education. 

To fund these programs at expected levels, we need to raise about about $289 per student based on current enrollments. We are aware that not all families can meet that goal, so our per student average is closer to $350 per student. 

We need to raise about $289 per student to support all of our programs

What exactly does your contribution directly to Parents’ Club fund?

  • Life Lab – Along with FoodLab, this school garden program teaches students Life Science and raises food used in the cafeteria.
  • Music, Theater, and Visual Art – Parents’ Club pays for all of the costs to perform a school play every other year, and almost all of the costs of Orff music, instrumental music, and visual arts instruction. Pacific is one of few elementary schools in the county still maintaining an instrumental music program. 
  • School Library – Parents’ Club pays for staff, books, and supplies for the school library.
  • Classroom Grants – Every teacher can apply to Parents’ Club for classroom grants for special supplies or projects.

You can also make contributions directly to these areas that are not a part of the Parent’s Club general fund:

  • FoodLab – Seen as a national model, FoodLab teaches life skills, culinary arts, and reinforces the core curriculum. FoodLab has its own fund, supported by Friends of FoodLab, so if you would like your donation to go directly to FoodLab please make that clear on your check. All proceeds from the Farm-to-Table event do go directly to FoodLab.
  • Fifth-Sixth Grade Field Trips – The fifth-sixth grade field trips, including the trip to the Balclutha and the Environmental Living Program (ELP), is funded by the independent fundraising efforts of the fifth and sixth graders, both 5-day and Independent Study.

To donate to Parents’ Club, you can click on this link: DONATE NOW. Or you can mail or bring cash or a check to the school office or contribute to one of the school’s fundraisers. Make checks out to “PSF.” You can also participate in any of these ongoing fundraisers:

  • Amazon : Click on Amazon link on this website and portion of your purchase will go to PSF.
  • Box Tops! Another way to generate money for our school is by clipping the Box Tops for Education coupons found on cereal, tissue boxes and other products. More information can be found at:
  • E-Scrip: The Parents’ Club receives regular deposits based on participation in the escrip program. By registering with escrip, you generate income by shopping at Safeway and other participating businesses. You must register annually by visiting Our group name is Pacific Elementary School.

To volunteer for Parents’ Club, come to a Parents’ Club meeting! The current meeting schedule can be found on the News and Events Page. To find out more about Parents’ Club, visit their Facebook Page. You can also join their Google Group to receive email updates about meetings, fundraisers, etc. To do so, click on this link and then “Join Group to Post”.

THANK YOU to all our wonderful family and community members who continue to make Pacific School’s fabulous enrichment programs possible!

Samantha Rosasco, President
Nanette Blackburn, Treasurer
Kristen Heady, Secretary

PS the Foundation for Our Future Tax ID #77-0279872

Come be a leader in the community. Sign up to be a fundraising lead or classroom liaison to help support your child’s education.

Fundraising leads help manage aspects of fundraising events. Classroom liaisons help communicate information to other parents in the class and collect photos for the yearbook. The yearbook will be a challenge this year, but photos are a good way to capture what this school year will be about. Thanks for your support. See you soon, even if virtually! Samantha

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