CZU Fire Support

Here is a list of some Pacific School Families that have online fundraisers to help in their time of need. (updated September 11, 2020)

Help Amy and Ava

Amy and Ava lost their home in the CZU fire. Ava is a 3rd grader and Amy works with Ms. Hettenhausen, who is organizing this GoFundMe site for them.

Hudson D’amore CZU Lightning Fire Recovery Fund

Over the course of this week, my family’s home of 15 years burned down in the CZU Lightning Complex fire in Boony Doon, California. It was a home that my family had built on our relatives land, that my younger sister was born at and that my family had lived at ever since August 3rd 2005. The fire came as a surprise, and my family did not have insurance for our house or our belongings. Because of the fire, my family really is having to start from scratch and would appreciate any help that you can spare. Please, if you can, help my family and not let this tragic incident bring their lives to a halt. 

Van Hecke Family Fire Recovery

We are the Van Hecke family and yesterday our home burned to the ground due to the California wildfires. We are devastated. We just found out that we will not be able to rebuild because of the fact that we were only partial owners. Costs of rent are also not covered.We have lost everything & would appreciate any support that we can get.

Help the Van Hecke family. Both girls attended the IS for many, many years at Pacific.

Help Gina & Garner Rebuild their home

During this last week, as the CZU August Lightning Complex fire raged through the Santa Cruz Mountains, Gina and Garner were one of the many that lost their home. They have been cultivating this land, stewarding it and bringing it so much life, life that the land instilled back into them, and quite literally fueled their hearts and greatest passion. Gardner and my mom have been putting their whole heart into this land since he bought it several years ago and together, they’ve continued to make it an incredibly special place, a total sanctuary in their care – home. They were surrounded by lush fruit trees, abundant food, a healthy and diverse wilderness, and fertile ground.

Help Gardner & Gina rebuild their home.

Fundraiser For Terra Barsanti and Kyli Tanner

In the early morning hours on August 19th, a raging fire swept through the Santa Cruz Mountains and wiped out the entire Last Chance community. We are thankful that Terra and Kyli, along with their dogs Ballou and Hunter plus their snake made it out ok, albeit shaken.

However, the home that Terra lovingly built from trees felled from the property over the past 40 years is gone. The work studio that Kyli built, equipment, rental property, brand new PV system, pond, orchard, garden and all their belongings – gone. They would love to rebuild the compound they lost, but unfortunately insurance is not available for that property and nothing was salvageable.

Terra is one of the most generous, loving, and sincere persons I know, who would literally give you the shirt off her back if you were shivering. She’s always quick to offer hospitality and a helping hand. It is now our turn and our privilege to give back and help as Terra and her son rebuild their lives through this loss.

These next few days, weeks and months are going to have significant costs for housing, clothing, medical costs and basic cost of living while Terra and Kyli grieve the loss of their family home and start to rebuild.  Any and every $1 is appreciated. And if you can’t make a donation, it would be great if you could share help spread the word.

Terra Brasanti is a retired Pacific School teacher that founded the IS program.


Napoles deCaussin fire relief fund

Dear Friends & Family,

As many of you may have already heard, the beautiful Davenport home Cari, Brad & Ondine rented for many years (from dear friends with whom they share this loss) has burned to the ground in the CZU August Lightning Fire Complex, still currently spreading across the Santa Cruz mountains.  They’ve lost everything, outside of a rushed carload of essentials and precious mementos.  They are safe and very grateful for their health, and for all your heartfelt wishes and prayers.   

Once they are able to get into a new home, they will have to start from scratch in terms of…basically everything:  For now, we are asking for monetary donations, if you can spare anything, for when they resettle and start to rebuild.

Stay safe everyone — this is one wild year!

~ Leslie Napoles
(Cari’s sister)
Portland, OR